Frequently asked questions


It’s that simple: You bring a valuable item to us, for example an item of jewellery, and provide us with an official identification document. You deposit the valuable with us as collateral and receive a corresponding loan.

Nothing other than the valuable as collateral and an official identification document. Of course we treat all data sensitively and confidentially, and do not provide it to anyone else. Should you want to deposit a technical device as collateral, we require the invoice, which states that the object has been paid in full and therefore belongs to you. Otherwise we are unable to accept the object as collateral.

Yes, normally within just a few minutes. You will receive a pawn ticket. Acceptance of the collateral loan is generally very quick, our experienced employees check the valuable and determine the loan amount. With jewellery the metal or the material value determines the basis, therefore the gold or silver content, and size and quality of processed precious stones play a role. Technical devices of all types must be complete and function perfectly when we test them in the shop laboratory. The loan itself is determined regarding the current and replacement value. Even the state of preservation of the device is pivotal in the amount to be paid out.

The pawn ticket is valid for four months. In this time you can redeem your deposit at any time, after expiration of the term there is another month in which you can redeem your deposit or extend the term.

Typical pawns are gold, silver and diamond jewellery, high-quality watches, pearl jewellery, accessories, gold and silver coins, furniture and décor made of silver, complete cutlery sets made of silver, “Meissen” collector porcelain, musical instruments and paintings.
Technical branded equipment can only be loaned against in a complete, flawless and clean condition within the manufacturer’s warranty. Accepted are: Televisions (LED, LCD, OLED, curved TVs, etc.), digital cameras, household devices (hoover, kitchen devices).
If you have any questions regarding an object not listed here, please call one of the branches or contact us by email. (

The loan, as well as the interest and costs for the elapsed time. (All information is on the pawn ticket, which is handed to you during the transaction with the money.) It is not the individual days that are calculated but the commenced months since the transaction occurred. The loan is therefore cheapest if you claim, where possible, for a whole or for several whole months. The interest amounts to 1% of the loan per month. The monthly costs are therefore dependent on the amount of the loan. Up to a loan of € 300.00, they are legally determined. Higher loans currently amount to 3% of the loan.

If you bring us a valuable on, for example, 7 March for which we would provide a loan of € 300.00, you would pay € 309.50 up to the 7 April when you collect. The deposit has then been with us for one month. If you were to collect the deposit on 20 April, you would need to pay the interest and costs for the second commenced month, therefore together with the loan this would amount to € 319.00. You would also pay this amount if you were to redeem the valuable upon expiration of the second month, therefore up to and including 7 May.

Only the interest and costs for the elapsed time.
(An example for the purpose of illustration: If you were to bring the deposit to us on 7 March, for which we would provide a loan of € 300.00, the expiration date of the pawn ticket is, with the agreed duration of the term of four months, 7 July. If you do not redeem the valuable by 7 July, you can initially only pay the interest and costs for the time elapsed. In the example that would have been € 9.50, therefore € 38. (If you should want to collect the valuable at this point, the loan amount of € 300.00 would also come into play.) On the day of the extension, we provide you with a new pawn ticket on top of the loan, with the same conditions and again with a four month term. Therefore, for the extension of the loan you pay the same in interest and costs as you would pay if you had redeemed the valuable at the same time.)

Should you not contact us, the deposit is auctioned off after five months to cover our costs. However, no further costs arise to you. You deposit is the collateral for your loan, you are not subject to any further obligations. If upon auction we receive more money than is required to cover the costs, you can request a payout of the profits from us. Please present your pawn ticket to do this.

Yes the extension can also be carried out by transfer. Please ask in advance in your branch for the precise transfer amount and consider the bank terms to ensure the money reaches us on time. In the payment reference please enter the branch in which the valuable is deposited and your contract number.

Bank details:
Leihhäuser Kemp GmbH
Commerzbank Köln
IBAN: DE70 3708 0040 0826 5094 00

Inform us immediately, we can then generate non-disclosure notice so that no unauthorised person can redeem your deposit. We can only guarantee your optimal security if notified immediately of a loss.

Fundamentally applicable: Whoever has the pawn ticket is able to collect the deposit. Other than if the ticket has been lost and the deposit has been disabled by you. If this is the case, we will only give the deposit to you personally. Should you no longer possess the pawn ticket, we can only issue a replacement pawn ticket after maturity.

All objects are stored professionally and securely. We store jewellery in the safe. Our security facilities comply with the most modern requirements, as well as the VDS standard of property insurers. All pawns are insured pursuant to the legal requirements.